The Zark’s-perience.

So after a long walk to Intramuros while waiting for my company, we actually decided to go to Manang’s but I cannot find it around Vito Cruz or am I just that blind? Hahaha. So we opt to try Zark’s.

We had Chix N Chips, Three Pointer, Burger Steak and the Zark’s Ultimate Burger. Sorry to make you feel hungry eh? Haha. Everything was so nice and even the fries are actually the fries that I would want to have.

For the size of burger that I had from the Major League which is the Zark’s Ultimate Burger, I was already so full with just half of it including the fries. Oh, did I forget to mention how great the Spicy Lemon Garlic and Barbecue Rum Sauce dip is? Imagine that. What if I had those largest towering burgers?!

Well that was just an awesome experience of dining with those BUUUURGEEEERS! Well in fact, Zark’s offer larger burgers than what we had. I guess you’ve heard about their challenges to finish a burger for a certain time and it’s going to be free. Right? Some of these burgers up to challenge are the Jawbreaker and Tombstone!

Maybe next time if I wasn’t able to eat for a week or like, I think this is the best place to make our tummy smile!!! Happy food, great place!

Zark’s Burgers - 2nd Floor Archer’s Nook Building Taft. [x]

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